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starting at 150 $


60 to 75 min.




The ideal alternative for a rejuvenating effect and a naturally healthy appearance. 

Facial acupuncture reduces the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging, brightens complexion and relaxes facial muscles. Both curative and preventive, this technique has been used for centuries, employing not only fine needles but also GuaSha and cupping. The natural, organic and homemade products used in this treatment will make you feel immediately relaxed and rejuvenated.

Treatment's sequence.

A patient receiving facial GuaSha. / Une patiente reçoit un GuaSha du visage.
1. Facial GuaSha

Activates the lymph and encourages blood circulation.

A patient gets an acupuncture treatment for the face (with needles). / Une patiente reçoit un traitement d'acupuncture esthétique (avec aiguilles).
2. Needling

Tones up and relaxes the muscles of the face.

LED light therapy, as part of the treatment. / Thérapie par la lumière DEL, partie intégrante du traitement.
3. LED light therapy

Fosters collagen production and invigorates the elasticity of the skin.

Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid mask with microcurrent. / Masque à la Vitamine C et acide hyaluronique sous micro-courant.
4. Vitamin C mask under micro-current

Hydrates and nourishes the skin.

Facial cupping with homemade organic serum. / Ventouse du visage avec sérums biologiques faits maison.
5. Cupping with homemade serum

Defines the traits and moisturizes the face.


  • The short answer is no. Because the needles used on the face are thinner than those used on the body, discomfort is rare. You may experience a slight pinching sensation upon insertion, but this usually lasts no more that a few seconds. 

  • For visible, long-lasting results, a series of 6 consecutive treatments is recommended, one per week, followed by touch-up treatments every 6 to 8 weeks.

  • A healthier, more natural appearance; rejuvenation and revitalization! By giving your body time to adjust, the results will appear gradually over a number of sessions.

  • Unlike injectable cosmetics, aesthetic acupuncture stimulates circulation in the face, fostering the cellular exchanges that contribute to the production of collagen and helps with the elasticity of the skin. The aim is to restore the vitality of facial features that has been lost in the metabolic slowdown that accompanies aging.

  • Of course! Following each treatment, a receipt will be sent to you upon payment. Acupuncture treatments are tax-deductible as medical expenses.

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