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Palpating channels is one of the key approach that distinguishes Espace CMA.

Creating a connection, building a community with people from all walks of life. A perspective cohesive with the complexities of humanity.

My approach

My outlook on acupuncture is simple: create a sacred space that allows one to feel in harmony with oneself and others; individual healing for collective well-being. Using ancient knowledge and tradition, I hope to offer you a moment anchored in the present, thus creating a link between the self and nature and give form to the intangible.


Chinese medicine stems not from theory but rather from a way of life that is unique to each individual. In this way, I transpose ancestral ideas into today's modern world to achieve physical and mental harmony.

A patiente receives auricular acupuncture, to help release stress and emotional tensions.
Portrait of Chashan Morin, your physician.

My journey

It was serendipity that brought me closer to my roots. I’ve always wanted to help people through my career and acupuncture presented itself to me after a series of life events, including my travels abroad. Through acupuncture I have discovered a culture rich in history and endowed with timeless wisdom. Since then, I continue to delve deeper into this art of living, which highlights human connections as an incomparable source of well-being.


Through my practice I aspire, humbly, to leave my mark, providing tailored treatments for each person who seeks them.

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